This game was developed in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 43. Rate and comment on our Ludum Dare page!


Space Battle Zero is a strategy combat game that pits two orbiting battleships against one another in a beautiful barrage ballet. With limited energy at your disposal - and limited windows to strike your opponent - you must carefully balance your spacecraft's offensive and defensive capabilities. Will you sacrifice your shields for an all-out assault, or will you have to divert energy from your super weapon at the last second to fend off an attack? Maybe you can even trade your orbital high ground for faster energy gains?

For every orbit completed, each player earns additional energy points that can be used to power up weapons, defenses, and special abilities. Because systems take time to come online and there's never enough energy to go around, every moment is a struggle between dueling desires. Choose carefully, but beware. Even the best laid plans can blow up in your face like a missile out of the black!


How to play:

  • Earn points with each orbit
  • Assign points by clicking on systems (click already-assigned points to remove and redistribute)
  • Systems take time to charge
  • Shields and sensors engage automatically
  • Other systems are activated by a "Fire" button when the enemy is in range


  • Music too loud? Click X (top left) to pause and adjust it to your preference
  • Press 1, 2, or 3 (keyboard) to change cameras
  • Adding points can either speed up a system's charge rate (1 pt. laser -> 2 pt. laser) or raise its level and make it more powerful (2 pt. laser -> 3 pt. laser)
  • Sensors extend the range of your missiles
  • Pulse detonates nearby enemy missiles